Ever taken summer sessions? Yes.


The disadvantage would most likely have to be the cost per class

I think a major disadvantage to summer session is that, as far as I know, a student has to pay full tuition for taking perhaps only one course.

The classes are much more expensive and the variety of classes is minimal.

One downfall is the expense, since you have to pay per unit, summer enrollment can be expensive. However, if you choose to take summer classes at a community college or other university you have to deal with transfer difficulties.The other downfall I see is that if a student takes summer courses, then he will not be taking a much needed break from school and may find it easy to get burned out.

Price and short, fast-paced classes

It is a lot of money especially since you have to pay the $120 reg fees two times if you take classes both sessions, that's quite a lot.

I usually use summer to get a job and accumulate some money that I can use the following year. Taking more than one class during a summer session eliminates that possibility.

There is no financial aid offered during the summer so it makes it difficult for a student who depends on financial aid to take any courses during the summer. It may be difficult with housing also, since many first year students who live in the dorms need to move out immediately and therefore may not have in mind to take summer courses because they are too busy looking for where to live. Also, the courses offered during the summer usually are courses that most students donít have difficulty getting into. There is a limit to the courses offered, not many courses over 100 series are offered. Some of the courses that are impacted and difficult to get into during the school year should be offered during the summer at least every other year.

It decreases the amount of hours you can work, and is almost impossible if you are working a fulltime internship.

The fact that there is no financial aid assistance for summer sessions is a disadvantage for me. I usually hesitate taking summer school for that reason and the fact that I won't be able to work full time (elsewhere).

First of all, summer sessions are very expensive. They can also take time away from a summer job, and/or vacation.

When you look at the cost per unit of study, summer school is quite a bit more expensive than tuition during the school year for a full time student. Also, there are limited courses offered during the summer.


You miss relaxing for the whole summer.

It's too hot. You don't get all the services such as from the Internship Career Center and not all the professors are here if you have questions for them.

Less students meaning less interaction with those you know. School limits the amount of job hours.

No summer vacation. Less time to work and make money for next year (or previous debts). Not being able to travel.

Disadvantages would probably be the heat in Davis and the long hours of classes.

No vacation. Some classes are not offered.

The disadvantages are the hot weather, and also you don't get a break to recover from school. The classes go too quickly and too long.


Not being able to spend time with family during the summer. No break from classes, which means once you get back to school, you haven't had enough time to relax. Piling up stress continuously is not good for anyone.


More pressure from teachers to cram everything in, trying to schedule summer vacation and summer job around schooling.

Summer sessions are shorter than regular quarters, but have the cover the same material, so the rate of which material is covered is a lot faster.

The courses move very quickly.

There are a limited number of classes offered and it is possible that a class someone wants to make up or take for a major requirement will not be available.

The classes go by fast, you have to stay on top of things or else you get left behind. Because they go so fast and are so concentrated, I think it would be hard to take multiple classes during one session.

Some of the impacted classes aren't offered during summer session, as with some upper division classes. This poses a problem for people who are trying to graduate early (or on time) but couldn't enroll in the classes they need.

Even though the summer session doesn't take up much of the time, it is hard to schedule one's work time or internship time around it. Summer session is also very expensive therefore, not everyone can afford it.


Ever taken summer sessions? No.


Disadvantages of summer enrollment would be that one would not have time to travel and go away during the summer.

Having to spend my "free time" in school.

It's really hot, have to pay for things that I don't have to at home like PG&E, internet, phone, etc. and can't work as much.

Too hot; no vacation time; not a wide variety of choices;

Summer is supposed to be a vacation, free from school. Also, there is a lot of information compacted into a smaller time span with which to learn it in.

It's really hot here. The classes are extremely long and most of the time the classes that I would take in summer session aren't offered.

Summer is also our only chance to relax and take a real break from school, when we take summer courses, there is less time to do that.

You have to graduate sooner.


Don't have time to earn as much money to pay for school the following year!

I won't be able to work full time.

Classes are long and it's not easy to attend school and earn money at the same time, as summer is a time when many students work to earn money for the upcoming year.

It takes up time when many students are working full time to pay for school.

The cost is too pricey, especially the summer sessions abroad tuition and fees!

I don't think that there are any disadvantages (school-wise), however, there are problems with financial aid and things of that sort (budget wise).


Only being able to take 2 classes that equal 8 units and that the time frame is really short and there is a lot more pressure.

Painfully limited course offering.

I think that it is sad that some of the classes I must take for my major are ONLY offered during the summer.If I weren't able to stay in Davis this summer, what would I have done?It is an extra expense that I wasn't aware that I would have while in Davis.

Summer sessions are even shorter than our already hyper-speed quarters, so those classes we have to take are pretty tough.

There is a program in the summer that I would love to be involved with, however, the teaching program starts right after school ends and lasts until the middle of August. The city college that I am planning to attend to finish a GE course conflicts with the summer program.Summer sessions, although there are two, might not be within my grasp.Summer sessions are great ways to catch up or get ahead, but if you want to engage in other activities that are somewhat long-term, you have to sacrifice one for the other.


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